Look and gain insight!

I read today in Seven Steps to Inner Power, by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim,

Because your body and mind are one, they are in intimate communication with each other.  You can look at your body and gain insight into the quality of your thinking; and you can look at your thinking to determine how to shape and direct your body.  The-body-mind-connectionDoesn’t a health tree produce healthy fruit?  Just so, when your thoughts are healthy, your body reflects this condition.  Conversely, when you’re ill, it may be helpful to examine your state of mind or the state of your beliefs to locate the cause of your illness.

Reading on it gets deep!

Your body is the living temple of your consciousness.  As a manifestation of your Silent Master Consciousness, your body is a holy place and deserving of your utmost love, care, and respect.
Your body is meant to be well and whole and to beautifully carry out the instructions of your mind like a faithful servant.  


I have heard the expression “You are what you eat” and this takes it to another level “You are how you think”.  So I am going to pay more attention to how I am thinking and realize thinking is also like eating because I am consuming the thought patterns that I travel.

This wisdom from the Master really helps when I take the time to read and digest.

CanDoMan2 grateful for all that I have!

Remember the Truth

I read today in Seven Steps to Inner Power by Dr. Tae Yun Kim on page 65


Remember, what you do with every moment of now is all that matters.  There will never be a tomorrow to realize your goals.  When you know your mind and body are one right now and only right now, when you let this principle reach into every aspect of your living experience, then you will be in the driver’s seat, and you take control.  You are thinking as your Silent Master thinks.  


This hit home for me today because I have a deadline to meet and I have to focus on the right thing to do at the right time.  This would be very difficult if every time I run into an unknown I was to avoid it.  I might convince myself I am doing something important which is true but it’s not the right time an my intention is not to accomplish the task it is to avoid the road block.  So I need to remember to stay on task, see the big picture.  Or I simply need to not give into the road block rather always see the end goal and then the way around the road block will be revealed.

It works and I thank the author Dr. Tae Yun Kim   for this message as it helps focus me on the now moment.

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The Third Rule: You are unlimited

I read today in Seven Steps to Inner Power by Dr. Tae Yun Kim… page 29-30

You Are an Unlimited Co-Creator 


Yes, you already have been creating your life.  This process is the gift from the Life Force of the Universe to you.  But your creative process has been largely unconscious and therefore undirected, somewhat haphazard, influenced by other persons’ thinking and limited by your restricted awareness of what you think is possible.

I see a deeper perspective on how I feel as a result on how I have been treating myself. 


The Third Rule

The purpose of the third rule of mental conduct is to emphasize how you limit yourself by yourself: You limit your thinking with your thinking.  This rule tells you to wake up, open up, expand your expectations, and realize you can achieve and produce whatever you can think.


Life Responds

snap out of it

Whatever you can think!

Does that sound too audacious?  Whatever you can think?  Yes.  What is it that you really want? This is not an invitation to be frivolous in your thinking. 


 If anything, this is a warning to be careful what you think.  Why?  All thought truly does take form one way or another.  There is some truth in the expression, “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.”


The Silent Master is another awesome book by Dr. Tae Yun Kim and helps me to listen to my inner voice.

The Silent Master Book Image I am hearing my inner voice call out to me – take action because inaction is action-not-moving.  It is easy to ride along in life when someone is leading.  Eventually though it all comes down to myself to take charge, have courage, be bold and make it happen!

Focused on a humble attitude but bold action!


Michael – Chun Han!

The Law of Manifestation – Tae Yun Kim

Seven Steps to Inner Power, page 18 by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

Demonstrating the Law of Manifestation

Life Responds.jpeg
Everything that has taken from in your life – your body, your home, your job, your relationships – began as
an immaterial thought form, which can be a specific visual image or simply a general attitude and feeling.

Social Circles 2.jpeg

Now attracts.jpeg

When you look at everything you’ve manifest
in your life now, you’re looking at a picture of the quality of your thinking and feeling.

Social Community.jpeg

This relationship between your thinking and the world you create is a universal law of manifestation.


TheQuality of my thinking.jpeg proof that it is a law lies in your demonstrating the law. This is, when you begin to see how your controlled thinking creates what you set out to create, you no longer doubt the validity of this law. In fact, even little demonstrations ins
pire you to greater levels of achievement.


Seven Steps to Inner Power, page 18, by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

This book inspires me because I am gaining wisdom that guides me to work together with my environment to create the solutions I desire.  God gives me the tools and my part is to use them!


He can do, She can do, Why not me!






The Seeker is a Warrior too!

I prayed and opened up my Spiritual GuidebookSeven Steps to Inner Power” at p. 82


In the first chapter I referred to the person seeking the Silent Master as a Jung SuWon Warrior for good reason.  You are not a warrior only because you learn to physically fight.  The seeker is a warrior also because the “not-self” traits you may have identified as “you” are not necessarily easy to relinquish.  In fact, most of us experience a struggle of one degree or another every time we challenge a weakness in ourselves.  It may take much time and persistence to rid yourself of unwanted characteristics.  This can amount to a struggle that feels like warfare.images-8

You may become keenly aware of your weaknesses and negative thoughts and emotions as you train in a martial art because you’re making greater demands on your body and asking yourself to perform in ways you previously considered impossible.  But keep in mind, as we discussed in the section on Purity in chapter four, that your weaknesses are “shadows” of your real characteristics.  The war against a shadow does not have to be waged with force.  It’s not sensible to fight against something that’s insubstantial, is it?

Instead the war can be won by gently embodying the real idea about yourself, whatever it may be at the time.Unknown-4

“Gently” doesn’t mean “weakly”, however. Gentleness is its own kind of force.  Remember the fable about the contest between the Sun and the Wind?  They each tested their power  by attempting to make a man walking along a road take off his cloak.  As the wind ripped and tore at the man with tremendous force, the man only drew the cloak tighter and tighter around him, until the Wind finally gave up and challenged the Sun. The Sun however, showed no “force” at all; gently and persistently, it burned brighter and hotter, until the man release his hold on the cloak and took it off in the warmth of the day. this is the true nature of your conflict with yourself.  Like the Sun, gently and persistently you must be show who you are in truth.

Also during your warfare, remember what we discussed in the section on Truth in chapter four:  To make your work easier, you must remain unimpressed with the evidence of your material senses.Unknown-5

  • This final paragraph impacted me.  What does it mean to be “unimpressed with the evidence of your material senses.”  This is philosophical and deep.
  • This got me thinking – if I am too impressed then I have attached too much to what I have done.  Impressed means more than satisfied.
  • Impressed usually means that I am not looking to improve any more.
  • Impressed usually means that my alertness and awareness are at ease.
  • While I can be “impressed” with what I did at that time I hear from this passage that I must not be attached to this.  I must not stop the progress I was making and the effort I was putting forward.
  • This reminds me of the expression “Don’t get overexcited when something good happens and don’t get too upset when something bad happens.

I am learning every time I make the effort.  I must be the Driver In My Life and take action.  This book Seven Steps to Inner Power is a real guide book for life.

Written to grow and change!

He can do, She can do, Why not me!images-6

Michael – Chun Han!


DeeDee the dove expresses gratitude

I saw two beautiful Hawks and Eagles this morning. This reminded me how I am surrounded by God’s Blessings all around!

Tae Yun Kim's Wisdom as shown through animals

Here is DeeDee, when I saw her last.  She was just a couple of months old, and ready to become independent.  She is a California mourning dove, and the sweetest bird I ever knew.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s home in California was a great place for little birds to grow up in.  Here is a picture of DeeDee when she was just a tiny hatchling:

Dr. Tae Yun Kim loves animals of all kinds, and is especially fond of birds, and makes sure they have a safe haven on her estate.

Birdie kiss

Momma Dottie is watching out and knows that this huge thing with the camera in hand is just me and is no harm to her or her young ones.  In fact she knows I protect them from the ever-present crows.

ezgif.com-optimize (3)

Here is DeeDee almost grown up, already Dottie had put her out of the nest but still kept coming…

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